ground hog

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also ground hog  (ground′hôg′, -hŏg′)
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On the streets I have no home, In a doorway all alone, At night it gets so very cold, No one for warmth to cuddle or hold, Day after the day it's always the same, People rushing past in the fast lane, Somewhere to go something to do, Oh why can't I have a life like you, Instead I'm sat here on my pitch, Waiting praying to get that hitch, I have my regulars that stop and smile, That makes getting cold worth the while, Sat out here it's like ground hog day, So until I get my break, That's just the way.
"We haven't done anything like this since the blizzard on Ground Hog Day in 2011," said Rick Paisley, who helped to implement an emergency weather plan.
Since 1989, Ground Hog Foundation Drilling has been a specialty contractor that delivers foundation drilling and excavation services for commercial and industrial construction projects in the Houston market.
Coined the "Ground Hog," the machine, which was invented in England, separated wheat from its shaft, replacing the age-old method of hand flailing (beating).
Your PRI story on Ground Hog Day's eve, 2016, pointed out what we all know but can't seem to put into words.
"The Chelsea game was hard to take and it didn't help at Blackburn having a man sent off so early in the game and it felt like ground hog day.
Intimidator products are sold at more than 65 dealers in the U.S., and its sister companies, Bad Dawg Accessories and Ground Hog Maxx, provide accessory items.
There is a feeling of being caught in a political ground hog day about the way we keep going round and round this particular parliamentary circle.
Her neighborhood's Ground Hog's Day Festival is just around the corner and a cute new boy named Ben has joined her class.
Even though the average life span of a ground hog is eight years, Phil has the secret to being forever young and isn't sharing it any time soon.
Ground Hog was one of those bosses whom we refer to in the FBI's Leadership Institute as a Caretaker Leader.
Then block other openings, so the ground hog has to exit his hole through your trap, and you will catch him.