ground-controlled approach

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ground-con·trolled approach

A technique in which an air traffic controller uses specialized radar to track an airplane's approach and continuously provide verbal directions to the pilot.
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Noun1.ground-controlled approach - aircraft landing in bad weather in which the pilot is talked down by ground control using precision approach radar
aircraft landing, airplane landing - landing an aircraft
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After completing the mission, he turned for homeplate, contacted approach control and requested a radar-controlled letdown to ground-controlled approach (GCA).
For readers not attuned to aviation, the author's discussion of the intricacies of aerobatic flight maneuvers and the technical aspects of cross-country flights--including instrument-landing systems, nondirectional beacons, and ground-controlled approach radar--may seem too detailed.
This is because the version of blind landing preferred by the airlines and professional pilots kept control of the landing--of the aircraft--in the cockpit, while the ground-controlled approach placed the skill for that job largely on the ground.

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