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Adj.1.ground-floor - on the floor closest to level with the ground; "the ground-floor entrance is kept locked"
downstair, downstairs - on or of lower floors of a building; "the downstairs (or downstair) phone"
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It had a ground-floor which was reached by a few steps, and above it was an attic, with which we need not concern ourselves.
From the ground-floor of this house came a noise, or rather a confusion of voices, like the chirping of young birds when the brood is just hatched under the down.
"Vive monsieur le surintendant!" cried, or rather vociferated, from a window on the ground-floor, a voice which he recognized as Bazin's, who at the same time waved a handkerchief with one hand, and held a large candle in the other.
There was a ground-floor and a floor above it--and that was all.
There was no ground-floor--its ground-floor belonged to a house in the next court, and the front door opened direct upon a flight of stairs leading down to the cellar.
She was supposed to be the most corpulent woman in England, and was accommodated on the ground-floor of the house in consequence of the difficulty of getting her up and down stairs.
"On the ground-floor, dining-room, two drawing-rooms, billiard-room, staircase in the hall, and a little back staircase."
The suite of rooms on the ground-floor were lighted up, and a military band was playing in the hall.
The great drawing-room, which I have already mentioned, and the other chambers on the ground-floor, were crowded to excess.
Summary: The fire which started at one of the ground-floor outlets was put out
The building features four floors of wood-framed construction over ground-floor, post-tensioned concrete and a below-grade parking garage with 0 spaces.
Liverpool's Central Library's ground-floor men's toilets returned a positive result, while the babychanging table did not have any traces of cocaine on it.