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also ground-truth  (ground′tro͞oth′)
tr.v. ground·truthed, ground·truth·ing, ground·truths also ground-truthed or ground-truth·ing or ground-truths
To check the accuracy of (remotely sensed data) by means of in-situ observations.

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The Appointed Consultants Will Be Required To: - Undertake A Stage 2 Strategic Flood Risk Assessment For The Seven Towns Subject Of The Draft Seven Strategic Towns Local Area Plan 2018-2024~, Inclusive Of An Examination Of All Available Data, Mapping Of All Flood Risk Indicators For The Respective Settlements, Identification And Mapping Of Flood Zones Including Mapping Areas Of Fluvial, Pluvial, Coastal And Groundwater Flooding, Site Visits And Ground-Truthing, Consideration Of The Cfram Study, Zoning And Planning Analysis.
What has been established from the 1945 tsunami, falls short of what is needed today for ground-truthing, inundation models, estimating risk to enlarged populations, and anchoring awareness campaigns.
Table 2 draws on the ground-truthing data--or those data from direct observations and interviews in the 21 communities.
Zeigler's presentation showed rice being mapped from space through satellite imagery, modelling and regional ground-truthing for regular monitoring of "rice growing areas to gather accurate estimate of rice area, rice production and damage from calamities.
First, we have (the) data we get from the satellite imagery, which we need to verify through ground-truthing.
Optimum allocation analysis has recently shown value in using acoustic data variances as surrogates of seabed heterogeneity to allocate efficiently the ground-truthing effort that minimizes survey coefficients of variance.
Remote sensing and roadside ground-truthing were used to find current colonies in 73 counties.
Geological mapping, soil sampling, investigation of the historical showings, ground-truthing of the geological surveying results and drilling carried out by the Company have confirmed existing historical geological anomalies, identified new anomalies and confirmed the presence of copper mineralization.
We used different methodology in 2004 to expand our ground-truthing efforts to another location.
First and foremost, VMS Mobile was engineered to give our military customers a new set of capabilities and greater flexibility for using ground-truthing motion imagery in a digital mapping environment; second, given the pervasiveness of GPS and image capture devices, VMS Mobile provides the broader population of defense personnel with the ability to collect, map, and disseminate image-based intelligence products.
AMERICAN FORESTS is using its CITYgreen software, aerial photographs, and extensive ground-truthing to conduct more detailed analyses at the city block level of some 60 to 80 sites.