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ground 1

a. The solid surface of the earth.
b. The floor of a body of water, especially the sea.
2. Soil; earth: level the ground for a lawn.
3. often grounds An area of land designated for a particular purpose: a burial ground; parade grounds.
4. often grounds The land surrounding or forming part of a house or another building: a guesthouse on the grounds of the mansion.
5. An area or a position that is contested in or as if in battle: The soldiers held their ground against the enemy. Character witnesses helped the defendant stand her ground in the trial.
6. Something that serves as a foundation or means of attachment for something else: a ground of white paint under the mural.
7. A surrounding area; a background.
8. often grounds The foundation for an argument, belief, or action; a basis.
9. often grounds The underlying condition prompting an action; a cause: grounds for suspicion; a ground for divorce. See Synonyms at base1.
10. An area of reference or discussion; a subject: The professor covered new ground in every lecture.
11. grounds
a. The sediment at or from the bottom of a liquid: coffee grounds.
b. Particles of ground coffee beans for use in making coffee for drinking.
12. Electricity
a. A large conducting body, such as the earth or an electric circuit connected to the earth, used as an arbitrary zero of potential.
b. A conducting object, such as a wire, that is connected to such a position of zero potential.
13. A mesh background upon which patterns are worked in lace-making.
v. ground·ed, ground·ing, grounds
1. To place on or cause to touch the ground.
2. To provide a basis for (a theory, for example); justify.
3. To supply with basic information; instruct in fundamentals.
a. To prevent (an aircraft or a pilot) from flying.
b. Informal To restrict (someone) especially to a certain place as a punishment.
5. Electricity To connect (an electric circuit) to a ground.
6. Nautical To run (a vessel) aground.
a. Baseball To hit (a ball) onto the ground.
b. Football To throw (a ball) to the ground in order to stop play and avoid being tackled behind the line of scrimmage.
1. To touch or reach the ground.
2. Baseball To hit a ground ball: grounded to the second baseman.
3. Nautical To run aground.
Phrasal Verb:
ground out Baseball
To be put out by hitting a ground ball that is fielded and thrown to first base.
drive/run into the ground
To belabor (an issue or a subject).
from the ground up
From the most basic level to the highest level; completely: designed the house from the ground up; learned the family business from the ground up.
off the ground
Under way, as if in flight: Because of legal difficulties, the construction project never got off the ground.
on (one's) own ground
In a situation where one has knowledge or competence: a sculptor back on her own ground after experiments with painting.
on the ground
At a place that is exciting, interesting, or important: a reporter who wanted to be on the ground when the story broke.
to ground
1. Into a den or burrow: a fox going to ground.
2. Into hiding.

[Middle English, from Old English grund.]

ground 2

Past tense and past participle of grind.
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sensible and down-to-earth; having one's feet on the ground
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They go out from the positive brush of the dynamo; there is a ground-connection through the negative brush; the other ends of the wire return to the cave, and each is grounded independently."
GROUNDED FLIGHTSThe New York Times counted flights as grounded if they departed or arrived in a country that has barred the Max 8, or if they were flown by an airline that has grounded the jet.
Connect ihe linal rod to the equipment to be grounded.
Too many tools grounded to a single point may result in excessive noise on the ground if that ground point doesn't have sufficient capacity to drain noise to the ultimate ground.
Using the FOP test, the grounding system being tested must I be disconnected from the equipment being I grounded, de-energized, and isolated--but this can be impossible to do in an operating industrial facility where output and processes must be maintained.
What would it be like to meet each day more present, grounded, open-hearted, balanced, and confident, no matter how challenging or ordinary the day seems?
The power system at the Iroquois Falls mill was vulnerable because its "resistance grounded" 12 kV transmission lines lacked sufficient protection.
Sensors installed on an immense iceberg stuck in shallow water off Antarctica have relayed data suggesting that the ground motions spawned by large, distant earthquakes can set such grounded icebergs afloat again.
When a static charge is placed on a label of suitable material and construction, the label will be attracted electrostatically to the grounded metal surface of the die and may stick with excellent adhesion for up to several minutes.
Companies can choose to protect their facilities with a variety of systems, including ungrounded, solidly grounded, low-resistance grounding and high-resistance grounding.