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Having no ground or foundation; unsubstantiated: groundless optimism. See Synonyms at baseless.

ground′less·ly adv.
ground′less·ness n.
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Without basis or foundation in fact:
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Your majesty's mind is disturbed by anger; otherwise you would be far from offending, groundlessly, the very one of your servants who has rendered you the most important service of all.
Of her father's being groundlessly suspected, she felt sure.
The head of a state with nuclear weapons groundlessly accuses another country of aggression.
Also, they groundlessly said the products have gained high popularity, the commission said.
A spokesperson from the Liberal Democratic Party accused Sobchak of provocative actions and of groundlessly calling their candidate a "clown" at the beginning of her speech.
is admitting to the ecologically catastrophic in all its meaningless contingency, accepting responsibility groundlessly, whether or not 'we ourselves' can be proved to be responsible" (Ecology without Nature 204).
Tom Nichols, a self-identified "public intellectual," is a professional educator, an expert who is profoundly and by no means groundlessly concerned with the deteriorating state of American education for a reason: it creates a direct and grave threat to the state of the republic and democracy.
The complaint document stated that the company did not implement the correct criteria in its polls, groundlessly favoring certain channels over others.
Goteborgs-Posten and other newspapers that published this story were groundlessly criticised according to Mattsson.
He scolds and beats Tommy for his racist expression, but he groundlessly abhors the black girl at the first sight.
The United States and the South Korean authorities are groundlessly blaming the DPRK [Democratic People's Republic of Korea].
In other words, the Egyptian regime should refrain from groundlessly rejecting Italian inquiries on the case, because it is bound by requisites of justice to finding the truth in any case similar to Regeni's, regardless of the nationalities of the victims and the perpetrators," said Salama.