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1. A bottom fish.
a. A spectator in the cheap standing-room section of an Elizabethan theater.
b. A person with uncultivated tastes.
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1. (Biology) any animal or plant that lives close to the ground or at the bottom of a lake, river, etc
2. (Theatre)
a. (in Elizabethan theatre) a spectator standing in the yard in front of the stage and paying least
b. a spectator in the cheapest section of any theatre
3. (Aeronautics) a person on the ground as distinguished from one in an aircraft
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(ˈgraʊnd lɪŋ)

1. a plant or animal that lives close to the ground or at the bottom of the water.
2. a person of unsophisticated tastes.
3. a person on the ground rather than in an aircraft.
4. a member of a theater audience sitting in one of the cheaper seats or, in an Elizabethan theater, standing in the pit.
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Noun1.groundling - in Elizabethan theater: a playgoer in the cheap standing section
playgoer, theatergoer, theatregoer - someone who attends the theater
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Number 13--he hasn't been given the dignity of a name--is a groundling, a human-animal hybrid, suffering torment at the terrifying Home for Wayward and Misbegotten Creatures.
In Part I of this ambitious and challenging book, they argue that liberalism fails to provide an adequate conceptual framework for protecting religious freedom, and they propose an alternative theoretical groundling based on Christian theological principles.
Quick spade connectors are also integrated for easier installation and isolated inputs are added to minimize groundling issues.
Despite its being enclosed, featuring state-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment, and filling the "groundling" area with orchestra-level seats, the theatre itself does foster a sense of intimacy that is not unlike the recreated Globe in London.
88); his discussion of the relationship between the Victorian critical construction of the 'groundling' and 'the long drawn out decline and fall' of the theatrical pit is especially illuminating (pp.
Jim Rash, a fellow Groundling who worked on stage with McCarthy, tells Variety, "You just hope you can keep up.
The commentator Kent Walton was associated Jessica Hynes - see Question 8 groundling? with which sport?
During Emory's spring Renaissance Repertory, audiences had their choice of seating ranging from the chairless, mainfloor "groundling" section (pillows could be rented for $1) to cushioned, upper-level Lord's Boxes.
Also a musical stage actor, Ryan played Lun Tha in Rodgers and Hammerstein's 'The King and I' and Thuy in 'Miss Saigon.' He has trained at Second City, The Groundlings, and currently studies under renowned acting coach, Saxon Trainor.
Inside the theater, two or three levels of roofed galleries can accommodate up to 560 spectators, but in the so-called yard into which the stage extends, there is space enough for 340 of those people whom Hamlet referred to scornfully as "groundlings." In truth, those are the best seats in the house, though it costs cheaper to be on the floor.
Not long after Chris was labeled one of the improv group Groundlings' "must-see" performers in the company, he was cast on SNL--and within the first six weeks, Chris's film career also took off.
Before starring in her hit movies, she studied in New York and then joined the legendary Los Angeles comedy troupe The Groundlings, spending nine years as a main-stage member.