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 (groundz′kē′pər) also ground·keep·er (ground′-)
One who maintains grounds, as of an estate, park, or athletic field.

grounds′keep′ing n.


the US name for a groundsman


(ˈgraʊndzˌki pər)

also groundkeeper

a person responsible for the care and maintenance of an estate, park, football field, or the like.
grounds′keep`ing, n.
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Noun1.groundskeeper - someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field)groundskeeper - someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field)
gardener - someone employed to work in a garden
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Judging the awards will Wales rugby international Dan Lydiate, former Glamorgan Cricket Club head groundskeeper Len Smith and grassland consultant Charlie Morgan.
AS RUGBY'S Six Nations season gets under way, the search is on to find the best groundskeeper in Wales.
Patrick's pastor, Monsignor Donald Sakano, came up with the idea to employ sheep to graze on grass and weeds over a half-acre plot of land when he lip discovered his groundskeeper was retiring.
A HIGH Court judge yesterday quashed a decision to stop a convicted terrorist murderer continuing to work as a groundskeeper.
Tenders are invited for Temporary employment services to establish an open agency contract to be used on an as-needed basis for a range of tasks: WAR security information / directions officer; groundskeeper (and general laborer); crossing guard, environmental services temp labor staff, general office worker, etc.
There are references to Irvine Welsh's Trainspotting, Hogwarts from JK Rowling's Harry Potter books and Groundskeeper Willie from The Simpsons.
He's been hailed as the world's most famous Scot but Simpsons grouch Groundskeeper Willie was meant to be Swedish.
In all his years as a groundskeeper for the Chicago White Sox, Roger Bossard has never faced anything quite like this.
An investigation is started because the teacher and the groundskeeper are nowhere to be found.
Some of the outsourced items could be performed by in-house staff if the community's porter or groundskeeper is used," Rhodes says,