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 (groundz′kē′pər) also ground·keep·er (ground′-)
One who maintains grounds, as of an estate, park, or athletic field.

grounds′keep′ing n.


the US name for a groundsman


(ˈgraʊndzˌki pər)

also groundkeeper

a person responsible for the care and maintenance of an estate, park, football field, or the like.
grounds′keep`ing, n.
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Noun1.groundskeeper - someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field)groundskeeper - someone who maintains the grounds (of an estate or park or athletic field)
gardener - someone employed to work in a garden
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The current groundskeepers, who are guaranteed continued employment, will transition into "more proactive customer service" that deals with families at the burial sites, Seelig said.
Groundskeepers all over baseball are scrambling to help their ballparks recover from months of snow and freezing temperatures that left fields looking more ready for cross-country skiers than bats and balls.
The 900 members of CUPE 951 represent office, technical and childcare workers, while CUPE 917 represents 600 food services, janitorial, trades, groundskeepers, security, and waste management staff.
Most shotguns in circulation in the criminal underworld have been stolen from farmers, groundskeepers and stately homes or imported illegally from countries where legislation is more lax.
He once worked at a 950-unit, 16-year-old community that had a maintenance staff of one supervisor, an assistant supervisor, three technicians and two groundskeepers.
The swing set on the grounds is environmentally friendly, with cushioning made from recycled rubber tires; groundskeepers are using greener products whenever possible.
Such a comment, in today's context, would appear to damn him with faint praise; after all, how many other groundskeepers can you name?
Professional landscapers and groundskeepers often wear construction-type shoes which are designed for indoor work and do not have the traction needed for chores on grass or in a garden.
Roundup-resistant grass would be used on golf courses, where groundskeepers could spray the herbicide to kill weeds without hurting the grass.
To provide work experience which will enhance operations at the agency by helping Employment Insurance-eligible participants gain valuable job experience by creating five positions: one for a marketing/development officer, three for groundskeepers and one for a special events planner.