also ground-truth  (ground′tro͞oth′)
tr.v. ground·truthed, ground·truth·ing, ground·truths also ground-truthed or ground-truth·ing or ground-truths
To check the accuracy of (remotely sensed data) by means of in-situ observations.

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In a statement, the company said GroundTruth Exploration Inc - which was contracted for a soil sampling program at the property - has collected a total of 1,671 soil samples from the side slope along Eldorado Creek which is underlain by the Nugget zone.
And personal stories--like the Groundtruth Project's short films on Somalia and the Philippines--document the human toll of climate change.
Prior to joining GroundTruth, Matta was Chief Executive Officer at Comscore, where he developed the company's global product and business strategy, enhanced client relationships and partnerships, and led its global employee base.
Go Metals retained Groundtruth Exploration to survey just under 6km in sets of 820m lines at 10 and 5m electrode spacing for resistivity and induced polarization data.
"It's a struggle every day," said Charles Sennott, a former newspaper beat reporter who co-founded The GroundTruth Project , a foundation that funds the work of journalists.
GroundTruth, a system by Rachel Kohler and colleagues at Virginia Tech, combines expert investigators and novice crowds to identify the precise geographic location where images and videos were created.
A marketing professional who has served as an advisor to Montauk Brewing Company for the past five years and had been CMO for GroundTruth for the last 12 months is taking a senior-level marketing post at a radio station owner likely to exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in one month, now billing itself as "the leading audio company in the United States."
For a web seminar last year, Elina Greenstein, an executive at the location company GroundTruth, mapped out the path of a hypothetical consumer from home to work to show potential clients how tracking could reveal a person's preferences.
Similar to E.q(4), [t.sub.i] and [[xi].sub.i] represent the groundtruth label and training error respecting to [x.sub.i], respectively.
where the number of action classes is C and the groundtruth label is [y.sub.i] concerning class i.
We also installed cameras in Ikoi-no-ie 26 to acquire the groundtruth data after gaining permission from the owner of Ikoi-no-ie 26, its residents, and their families.