also ground-truth  (ground′tro͞oth′)
tr.v. ground·truthed, ground·truth·ing, ground·truths also ground-truthed or ground-truth·ing or ground-truths
To check the accuracy of (remotely sensed data) by means of in-situ observations.

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For instance, only 24 per cent of mobile media planners are using third-party verification providers, according to location-based data company GroundTruth.
Videos and pictures were taken at various points to groundtruth the sonar images and provide a measure of accuracy.
Charles Sennott is co founder of Report for America, a partnership between the GroundTruth Project (of which Sennott is founder and CEO) and Google News Lab.
bounding box) Tt and the groundtruth Gt, the OP is defined as
a-g represents SVM, Shape-DL, JRSRC, KCRTCK, SC-MK, Proposed and Groundtruth respectively.
This information will be used to groundtruth the work of twenty-one semi-finalist teams advancing to Round 1 of the competition.
4) Maron and Hagen also set up an organization called GroundTruth to capitalize on MK's successes.
d] and the corresponding groundtruth bounding box be [r.
If you were concentrating on measurements from space, then you have no local field or lab work to do (except perhaps some groundtruth validation studies), and your efforts would be concentrated on data processing, data analysis, and product development.
She has worked as a metro correspondent for The Boston Globe and interned at The GroundTruth Project.
Reporting for this essay was supported by the International Women's Media Foundation, the Hollings Centre and the GroundTruth Project.
A spokesman for VisitScotland - who are supporting the project - said: "Operation Groundtruth has uncovered a recognisable creature.