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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: psychotherapy - psychotherapy in which a small group of individuals meet with a therapistgroup psychotherapy - psychotherapy in which a small group of individuals meet with a therapist; interactions among the members are considered to be therapeutic
psychotherapy - the treatment of mental or emotional problems by psychological means
family therapy - any of several therapeutic approaches in which a family is treated as a whole
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Another Palestinian initiative based in Ramallah came from the Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Torture Victims in partnership with the International Association for Group Psychotherapy and Group Processes, developing a three-year training program for psychodrama and group therapy.
Bazemore is a member of the Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA), the Registry of American Group Psychotherapy Association, and the C.
The use of psychodrama in the treatment of group psychotherapy of alcohol and substance dependents.
However, a randomised clinical trial comparing short- and long-term dynamic group psychotherapy for 167 out-patients with mood, anxiety and personality disorders, concluded that short-term group therapy (20 weekly, 90 minute sessions) and long-term group therapy (80 weekly, 90 minute sessions) were equally effective for typical out-patients seeking group psychotherapy.
Mr Guerin told the court O'Brien has completed 312 hours of group psychotherapy treatment since April 2014 which he said was a practical indication of remorse and efforts at rehabilitation.
He set up a weekly group psychotherapy session, which he ran for more than 40 years.
Meta-analysis of studies that examine the use of group therapy for medical patients tend to focus on specific physiological outcomes or markers which correlate with physical illness, but nonetheless show definitively that group psychotherapy is beneficial for medical patients with chronic illness (Dobkin and Costa 2000; Cunningham, Strassberg and Roback 1978).
This guide outlines the key therapeutic elements of art-based group therapy, case vignettes illustrating them, and the difference between art-based group therapy theory and traditional group psychotherapy theory.
Chapter six, written by Nettles, reviews group process and group psychotherapy foundations with particular attention given to differences between individual counseling and group counseling.
3) Kelley, the chief consultant in Clinical Psychology and assistant consultant in Psychiatry to the European Theater of Operations (and the chief psychiatrist in charge of the prisoners at Nuremberg), described how GS was used to treat military posttraumatic stress in "The Use of General Semantics and Korzybskian Principles as an Extensional Method of Group Psychotherapy in Traumatic Neuroses," an article he published in 1951 in The Journal of Nervous and Mental Diseases, (4)
Bernard Training Award from the American Group Psychotherapy Association in February 2014.
Breitbart of Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York has written about a model of meaning-centered group psychotherapy that can help patients at the end of life.

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