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grouse 1

n. pl. grouse or grous·es
Any of various plump, chiefly ground-dwelling gallinaceous birds of the subfamily Tetraoninae of northern North America and Eurasia, characteristically having feathered legs and nostrils and mottled plumage.

[Origin unknown.]

grouse 2

 (grous) Informal
intr.v. groused, grous·ing, grous·es
To complain; grumble.
A cause for complaint.

[Perhaps from French dialectal groucer, from Old French grouchier; see grudge.]

grous′er n.
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Informal. A person who habitually complains or grumbles:
Informal: crank, griper.


n (inf)Meckerfritze m/-liese f (inf)
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Obviously, these employments gave him just enough to get by, but Rasa was not a grouser.
With that, substantial influence of the grouser on roadhold properties had not been observed.
6 inch single grouser shoe, LGP configuration, and a standard 20-feet boom with large box section complete the 71H pipelayer.
Next grouser was Philippine Medical Association President Leo Olarte who is also a lawyer.
Founders of civilisation, interim riparian cotenants of the River Nile and purveyors of the Cheops Pyramid thrice, I am proud to call myself a Couch Grouser.
The Grouser AG Pro 12-20 adjustable-width silage dozer gives the operator the ability to hydraulically extend the blade up to 6m (20 ft) wide when working on the silage pile and retract the blade to 3.
It offers 16-inch and 20-inch track shoe options in single or triple grouser.
The TigerCat L830 with a 5400 series single-post felling saw was a tracked swing-to-tree excavator with 24-inch-wide single grouser tracks and a 280 horsepower (hp) Cummins diesel engine.
The tracks are equipped with double grouser track pads for flotation and measure 20 in.
newspapers, Lopez Obrador is a "leftist" and a rabble rouser; a grouser clearly unhappy with the result of a "free and fair election.
Maybe it's genetics, the food we eat, or the late nights we keep, but a parent who's a grump is bound to have at least one little grouser in the house.