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a. A thin mortar used to fill cracks and crevices in masonry.
b. A thin plaster for finishing walls and ceilings.
2. often grouts Chiefly British Sediment; lees.
tr.v. grout·ed, grout·ing, grouts
To fill or finish with a thin mortar or plaster.

[Middle English, grain used for making malt, mud, from Old English grūt, coarse meal.]

grout′er n.
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grout, esp after it has been applied
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[ˈgraʊtɪŋ] Nlechada f
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Let master Moor, or whatever he is, pay attention to what he is doing, and I and my master will give him as much grouting ready to his hand, in the way of adventures and accidents of all sorts, as would make up not only one second part, but a hundred.
Here is a new edition of the guide to good practice in compaction grouting to improve soil density and strength for civil engineering projects.
100 Newton AW Grout is a high strength anti-washout grout which is suitable for use in underwater conditions for a wide number of applications including the grout requirements for offshore wind turbine installation, repairs to offshore and marine installations, for the base structures of wind turbines and for underwater grouting projects.
Grouting reinforcement is a useful technique to improve soil properties, specifically to increase strength and durability or to reduce permeability [1-4].
Apart from designing long pile foundations, which can provide more friction resistance, grouting technology is also a good way to increase the ultimate bearing capacity.
I tiled and grouted our kitchen and the dried grouting has small pin prick holes in it around most of the tiles.
Injection grouting is described by its proponents as the first trenchless technology to repair leaks in underground pipes.
In such cases, grouting is usually used for reinforcement, which can well improve the condition, integrity, and the bearing capacity (Lombardi [1], Glossop [2]).
This is because the adhesive can ooze through the gaps between the tiles as you lay them and if the grout's the same colour, you don't need to be as meticulous about removing all the excess adhesive before grouting.
HOW TO GROUT TILES GROUTING can be tricky because if you leave the excess grout on too long, it can be hard to remove, but if you wipe the tiles clean too soon you can remove more than just the excess.
The new MasterFlow 9800 high-strength grout is the result of more than-three years of joint development with FoundOcean Ltd., the primary purpose of which has been to deliver significant and quantifiable improvements in productivity and safety when grouting offshore structures, the company stated.