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a. A thin mortar used to fill cracks and crevices in masonry.
b. A thin plaster for finishing walls and ceilings.
2. often grouts Chiefly British Sediment; lees.
tr.v. grout·ed, grout·ing, grouts
To fill or finish with a thin mortar or plaster.

[Middle English, grain used for making malt, mud, from Old English grūt, coarse meal.]

grout′er n.


pl n
1. chiefly Brit sediment or grounds, as from making coffee
2. (Cookery) a variant of groats
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There was not one straight floor from the foundation to the roof; the ceilings were so fantastically clouded by smoke and dust, that old women might have told fortunes in them better than in grouts of tea; the dead-cold hearths showed no traces of having ever been warmed but in heaps of soot that had tumbled down the chimneys, and eddied about in little dusky whirlwinds when the doors were opened.
The epitaph of Sir Jenkin Grout is not wholly unintelligible to the present age: "Here lies Sir Jenkin Grout, who loved his friend and persuaded his enemy: what his mouth ate, his hand paid for: what his servants robbed, he restored: if a woman gave him pleasure, he supported her in pain: he never forgot his children; and whoso touched his finger, drew after it his whole body.
Urethane grouts may be optimum for sealing joints in a precast structure or point repairs for defects in the chimney, bench or pipe inserts.
Concepts for construction of prefabricated bridge elements and systems frequently rely on field-cast grouts to complete the connections between discrete precast concrete elements.
Clean and remove existing grout There area lot of grouts available, so make sure you get the right one for your tiles.
The company BAL have a range of grouts to suit your needs.
David Magill, president, Avanti International, a chemical grout manufacturer headquartered in Webster, Texas, explained that when most chemical grouts are applied, they have about the same viscosity as water, but usually thicken, or gel, quickly.
All systems can be configured to run Urethane, Acrylimide and Acrylate grouts.
I don't know of any other materials that can stop leaks in existing cracked concrete as permanently as chemical grouts," he added.
That's why pros generally preferred standard cement grouts.