grow on

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grow on

(intr, preposition) to become progressively more acceptable or pleasant to: I don't think much of your new record, but I suppose it will grow on me.
يُصْبِحُ محبوبا تدريجيا
nakonec se líbit
egyre jobban tetszik
venjast viî
nakoniec sa páčiť
beğenmekgiderek sevmek

w>grow on

vi +prep obj it’ll grow on youdas wird dir mit der Zeit gefallen, du wirst schon noch Geschmack daran finden


(grəu) past tense grew (gruː) : past participle grown verb
1. (of plants) to develop. Carrots grow well in this soil.
2. to become bigger, longer etc. My hair has grown too long; Our friendship grew as time went on.
3. to cause or allow to grow. He has grown a beard.
4. (with into) to change into, in becoming mature. Your daughter has grown into a beautiful woman.
5. to become. It's growing dark.
ˈgrower noun
a person who grows (plants etc). a tomato-grower.
grown adjective
adult. a grown man; fully grown.
growth () noun
1. the act or process of growing, increasing, developing etc. the growth of trade unionism.
2. something that has grown. a week's growth of beard.
3. the amount by which something grows. to measure the growth of a plant.
4. something unwanted which grows. a cancerous growth.
ˈgrown-ˈup noun
an adult.
grown-up adjective
mature; adult; fully grown. Her children are grown up now; a grown-up daughter.
grow on
to gradually become liked. I didn't like the painting at first, but it has grown on me.
grow up
to become an adult. I'm going to be an engine-driver when I grow up.