grow together

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w>grow together

vi (lit, fig)zusammenwachsen
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"If I go to sleep I'll have to shut my eyes," he explained; "and if I shut my eyes they may grow together, and then I'd be blind for life!"
And do not suppose that there will be many of them; for the gifts which were deemed by us to be essential rarely grow together; they are mostly found in shreds and patches.
You are aware, I replied, that quick intelligence, memory, sagacity, cleverness, and similar qualities, do not often grow together, and that persons who possess them and are at the same time high-spirited and magnanimous are not so constituted by nature as to live orderly and in a peaceful and settled manner; they are driven any way by their impulses, and all solid principle goes out of them.
"No; but they will grow together again, in time, and we must wait until they do."
They are commonly great plains, wide and gloomy forests (where the trees of many climates often grow together in impossible harmony), cool caves--in general, lonely, quiet, or soothing scenes, but all unquestionable portions of a delightful fairyland.
One moment I stood and looked into her face, the next I held her to my heart, and we seemed to grow together in a close embrace from which no physical or mental force could rend us.
He shall make the ground to open under thy feet, and the creeper to twist about thy neck, and the tree-trunks to grow together about thee higher than thou canst leap, and at the last he shall take thy hide to wrap his cubs when they are cold.
"As part of a wider group, we have considerable opportunity to grow together and to provide the same great service to existing and new clients.
Ijaz disclosed that IAF has decided to hold World Fashion Convention 'Let's grow together' in Pakistan during the current year in collaboration with PRGMEA.
Those challenges include: 1.) Grow in devotion by making sure that they worship somewhere (not necessarily with us) each weekend; 2.) Grow in prayer through devotionals and reciting the Lord's prayer at 6:09 each morning and evening; 3.) Grow in service by doing good for others through an individual or group service project; 4.) Grow in generosity by giving away 10 percent of their income to some organization or people and 5.) Grow together by participating in a small group during the 40 days before Easter.
Let them grow together until harvest; then at harvest time I will say to the harvesters, "First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles for burning; but gather the wheat into my barn." ' "
Indeed, this comes as a deliberate move from the Council to grow fashion week into a platform that allows high fashion and Pakistan's indigenous craft to grow together to showcase fashion forward, craft led, artisanal ensembles.