grub up

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Verb1.grub up - dig up; "grub up roots and tree stumps"
dig up, excavate, turn up - find by digging in the ground; "I dug up an old box in the garden"
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w>grub up

vt sep weedsjäten; potatoes, bush etcausgraben; soilwühlen in (+dat); (bird) wormsaus dem Boden ziehen; (fig) information, peopleauftreiben, zusammensammeln
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But like the snout of the boar shall my word grub up the basis of your souls; a ploughshare will I be called by you.
For budgetary reasons, the European Commission has accepted only around half of the requests to grub up vines submitted by EU member states for this year, in the framework of the reform of the Common Market Organisation (CMO) for wine.