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Causing horror and repugnance; frightful and shocking: a gruesome murder. See Synonyms at ghastly.

[Obsolete grue, to shudder (from Middle English gruen, from Middle Dutch grūwen or Middle Low German gruwen) + -some.]

grue′some·ly adv.
grue′some·ness n.
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Adv.1.gruesomely - in a gruesome manner; "he was gruesomely wounded"


[ˈgruːsəmli] adv (= horribly) → d'une manière horrible


adv (+vb) → auf grausame Weise; (+adj) → grausam, schauerlich
References in classic literature ?
She always, indeed, struck Newland Archer as having been rather gruesomely preserved in the airless atmosphere of a perfectly irreproachable existence, as bodies caught in glaciers keep for years a rosy life-in-death.
Speaking on the death of her husband, Oluwatoyin Ajisafe, said her husband was gruesomely murdered by the suspect over a minor issue.
Three prepubescent girls are enjoying what is likely their last summer of childhood when one of them is murdered gruesomely in the woods with a bear trap.
Lydia's unraveling tale overshadows Julie's seemingly forced friend and family drama, as Lydia's story is gruesomely detailed and suspenseful.
The girl has identical powers like Logan and kills gruesomely which is odd to see.
IF you want some idea of the level that E4's gruesomely addictive Celebs Go Dating is at, here's Charlotte Crosby to a table of guys in a cocktail bar: "Who's had chlamydia?
Who was not shocked at the sight of the slain bodies of alleged druggies so gruesomely pictured in our broadsheets?
Zombie paintball came to the city centre, although the gruesomely made-up participants were kept strictly indoors.
While Shakespeare's words are treated respectfully, the visuals are relentlessly modern, with executions carried out on mobile phones and cruelly sent to the victims' families, and the reason for the setting becoming gruesomely apparent at the end.
Two of the people involved in the theft are found gruesomely slaughtered in a vacant lot.
Yes, the second series of The Silence Of The Lambs prequel continues as it began - gruesomely.
In December 2012, the teenager was part of the six member gang that lured a 23-year-old trainee physiotherapist and her male friend onto a bus, where the girl was gruesomely raped and her companion brutally beaten.