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Causing horror and repugnance; frightful and shocking: a gruesome murder. See Synonyms at ghastly.

[Obsolete grue, to shudder (from Middle English gruen, from Middle Dutch grūwen or Middle Low German gruwen) + -some.]

grue′some·ly adv.
grue′some·ness n.
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Noun1.gruesomeness - the quality of being ghastly
frightfulness - the quality of being frightful
References in classic literature ?
We have been friends from the beginning: to us are grief, gruesomeness, and ground common; even the sun is common to us.
If it were depicted in a realistic, non-magical story, the moral philosophy would be overwhelmed by the horror, the gruesomeness of the blood and death.
She loves the gruesomeness of it all, and asks Burt, "Can I come up and watch the rats going into the mincer?
EST and is perfect for anyone who wants to see a little gruesomeness, followed by a little comic relief.
The high-profile murders he was convicted for stunned the world not so much for the gruesomeness of the act as for the motivations behind them.
The effect is, of course, that the audience "sees for itself," thus becoming eyewitnesses to the gruesomeness of genocide, at the same time as they perhaps get a greater insight into what it is exactly Ilibagiza has to forgive.
Their gruesomeness demands our attention, takes time from the work we know we should be doing, and slows national progress on the road to the future.
I'm going to make a film that takes you on the journey as opposed to showing the gruesomeness of it," said Mulder.
The battle scenes are pretty gory, and Harold's end is shown in all its bloody gruesomeness.
The presiding judge rejected the petitioner's plea for an early release due to the severity and gruesomeness of his crime.
Renaissance humanists found the gruesomeness of Dante's Hell emetic and the effulgence of his heaven blinding, and he yielded rank to new generations of irreverent doubters and outright unbelievers.