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Causing horror and repugnance; frightful and shocking: a gruesome murder. See Synonyms at ghastly.

[Obsolete grue, to shudder (from Middle English gruen, from Middle Dutch grūwen or Middle Low German gruwen) + -some.]

grue′some·ly adv.
grue′some·ness n.
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Noun1.gruesomeness - the quality of being ghastly
frightfulness - the quality of being frightful
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We have been friends from the beginning: to us are grief, gruesomeness, and ground common; even the sun is common to us.
It has a strong medieval-magical component, with wintry fortresses, butchery gruesomeness reminiscent of 'Game of Thrones' and an assortment of creatures like those in the 'Lord of the Rings' and 'Fantastic Beasts' franchises.
I just envisioned all kinds of gruesomeness. I've got to be careful what I photograph here.
The photo of the house in the Israeli town that has been targeted by Hamas missiles is proof of the movement's aggressiveness and gruesomeness, which drives the people of Gaza to inflict further violence."
The State has an actual and substantial interest in lessening, as much as it can, the gruesomeness and brutality of dismemberment abortions.
The incident drew national attention for its gruesomeness with Oren Shlomo Mayer and another suspect chopping their victim's body into pieces and discarding them in the city's riverbanks in an attempt to hide the crime.
We mourn the death of Jesus, and try to imagine his agony, and the gruesomeness of the crucifixion, even as we know that in three days we celebrate a risen Lord!
The title was strangely alluring, as was the mix of gruesomeness, sentimentality, and moralizing, a combination that in Gautier's hands I would call unique.
But then the director Patrick Graham and his writers are able to do precious little with the infinitely eerie idea except to use it for a nauseous display of visual gruesomeness, ad nauseam, that goes from barbaric to intolerable.
Some firefighters, emergency medical providers, law enforcement officers and others say the scale, sadness and sometimes sheer gruesomeness of their experiences haunt them, leading to tearfulness and depression, job burnout, substance abuse, relationship problems, even suicide.
Some do garner national indignation purely for the gruesomeness of the crime committed but gradually fade away to oblivion thereafter.
It's geared for 25+ females and males who are looking for intensity but not gruesomeness.