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v. grum·bled, grum·bling, grum·bles
1. To complain in a surly manner; mutter discontentedly: "The governed will always find something to grumble about" (Crane Brinton).
2. To rumble or growl.
To express in a grumbling discontented manner: grumbled a rude response.
1. A muttered complaint.
2. A rumble; a growl.

[Probably Dutch grommelen, to mutter, from Middle Dutch, frequentative of grommen.]

grum′bler n.
grum′bling·ly adv.
grum′bly adj.
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Noun1.grumbler - a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whininggrumbler - a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining
disagreeable person, unpleasant person - a person who is not pleasant or agreeable
kvetch - (Yiddish) a constant complainer


A person who habitually complains or grumbles:
Informal: crank, griper, grouser.


nNörgler(in) m(f), → Brummbär m (inf)
References in classic literature ?
The most inveterate croaker and grumbler in the world--and yet, according to his own account, the only cheerful man in the whole ship's company.
I don't say it is for this that they exist--for I am a child among you worldly grumblers, and not called upon to account to you or myself for anything--but it may be so.
A cynical, gallows humour grumbler maybe, and a vocal critic when need be, but not a boo boy.
Whether he is innocent or guilty of striking Gillespie, the yarn will live on and be embroidered into the current perception of Shearer as an incurable moaner and grumbler since returning in January.
Bill Wells & Aiden John Moffat @ Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff (Thursday) * ONCE the lead grumbler in Glasgow's premiere musical miserablists Arab Strap, Aiden Moffat has long carved out a curmudgeonly career as the furrowed brow behind some pretty seminal lovelorn and booze-soaked tales of unrequited lusting.
IF there was a Pulitzer prize for the biggest grumbler then surely your correspondent LW of Tynemouth (EC, Sept 11) would be a qualifier.
I'm not a grumbler," says Norma, the troubleshooter behind Spike's depressive genius.
She's normally a very happy young woman and not a grumbler, so I took her words to heart.
This grumbler once gave the Tories pounds 5million - its single biggest ever gift - and Cameron would dearly love another dollop of dosh from his fellow Old Etonian.
Now Keegan is ready to off-load his Gallic grumbler and use the cash to strengthen his back four.
Coronation Street's Bill Waddington - veteran grumbler Percy Sugden - got a shock in the post the other day.
12) Letter to the Glasgow Herald from 'A Grumbler from Cornwall', 11 May 1911.