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v. grum·bled, grum·bling, grum·bles
1. To complain in a surly manner; mutter discontentedly: "The governed will always find something to grumble about" (Crane Brinton).
2. To rumble or growl.
To express in a grumbling discontented manner: grumbled a rude response.
1. A muttered complaint.
2. A rumble; a growl.

[Probably Dutch grommelen, to mutter, from Middle Dutch, frequentative of grommen.]

grum′bler n.
grum′bling·ly adv.
grum′bly adj.
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The Englishmen, convinced of these peaceful proceedings, sheathed their swords grumblingly.
Dantes told him that the jug had fallen from his hands while he was drinking, and the jailer went grumblingly to fetch another, without giving himself the trouble to remove the fragments of the broken one.
Even the hostess, with bare feet, uncombed hair, and dressed in a garment of doubtful color, received the guests grumblingly.