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adj. grump·i·er, grump·i·est
Surly and peevish; cranky.

grump′i·ly adv.
grump′i·ness n.
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Noun1.grumpiness - a fussy and eccentric disposition
ill nature - a disagreeable, irritable, or malevolent disposition
شَكوى، مُشاكَسَه


[ˈgrʌmpɪnɪs] Nmal humor m


[ˈgrʌmpɪnɪs] nscontrosità, irritabilità


(ˈgrampi) adjective
bad-tempered. a grumpy old man.
ˈgrumpily adverb
ˈgrumpiness noun
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If the farting doesn't get you, the sporadic grumpiness will.
HUGE letters in a field were created by a farmer to apologise to his wife for his grumpiness.
Don't get I'm still Inspired by Jacqui's distant Irish roots and a I'm content grumpiness cycling trip Paul made through the Emerald Isle, it could be a new Irish national anthem.
It is with some reluctance and a deal of grumpiness, then, that she agrees to look into the matter of a murdered magician.
To slightly mitigate the grumpiness, in a move which suggests the club is edging towards being competitive, we find Mikel Merino stays permanently and Jamaal Lascelles has a new contract, so we are slowly becoming interested again.
The study also found teachers battling with hungry teenagers in the classroom were often left dealing with kids unable to concentrate (76%), an increase in misbehaviour (33%) or grumpiness from class members (43%) in the mornings.
And as for personality, people will agree that I readily embraced becoming a Grumpy Old Man after serving a grumpiness apprenticeship for the previous 40 years.
It didn't specify what mood, so I have no idea whether I was pressing a button for happiness, grumpiness or anywhere in between, but it looked very nice.
For both, the magic of the garden softens their grumpiness and the fresh Yorkshire air works wonders on their pinched and skinny bodies.
And more than half think a good night's sleep is all it takes to bring an end to their grumpiness.
Nearly half also believe a good night's sleep is often all it takes to bring an end to their grumpiness, with another 32 per cent saying food helps.