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A small fish (Leuresthes tenuis) of coastal waters of California and Mexico that spawns at night along beaches during the high tides of spring and summer.

[Perhaps from Spanish gruñón, grumbler, from gruñir, to grumble, grunt, from Latin grunnīre, grundīre, to grunt.]
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(Animals) a Californian marine teleost fish, Leuresthes tenuis, that spawns on beaches: family Atherinidae (silversides)
[C20: probably from Spanish gruñón a grunter]
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(ˈgrʌn yən)

a small silversides, Leuresthes tenuis, that lays its eggs on S California beaches.
[1915–20; probably < Sp gruñon grunter, derivative of gruñir to grunt < Latin grunnīre]
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