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It's his fourth show - his last was called Gruntled - and apparently it's his favourite, mixing anger, ridicule and topical humour.
During that first New Labour term, the unions would never have admitted to being completely gruntled with the rhetoric and imagery of New Labour, but could point to several tangible gains, from the minimum wage and GCHQ union membership to the New Deal for jobs, funded by the New Labour populism of a windfall tax by casting unpopular 'fat cats' in the privatised utilities as the undeserving rich.
Alarmingly, the latest round of dilutions seems to be leading us to a state of compromise that leaves both sides if not entirely gruntled, then not quite disgruntled either.
Which is where Andy Parsons' new stand-up show, Gruntled, comes in.
TODAY Andy Parsons: Gruntled, Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline Starts 7.
The star of BBC's Mock The Week and Live At The Apollo, Andy Parsons is coming back to the Westgate Road theatre with his show, Gruntled.
During Saturday's concert - I'll wager some of the punters roughing it watching the live public screening in the Munsterplatz were less than gruntled - the Bremen Orchestra was presented with the German record-critics' prize for 2010.
Sadly, we have just missed I Forgot Day, International Chicken Wing Day, Stay Out of the Sun Day, Tell the Truth Day (which could have caused a few problems), Gruntled Workers Day, Yellow Pig Day, National Hug Your Kid Day and The Fourth of July.
Certainly the fans have been patient, the disgruntled ones possibly outnumbered by those who are finally gruntled - sorry about that - by the promise of Boston's playoff metamorphosis.
Charlton's efforts were so half-hearted against a superior Rangers side, that theird is gruntled fans chanted: "Pardew, sort it out.
Many of his countrymen picked up on this, and were, to put it in Wodehouse's words, if not actually disgruntled, then very far from being gruntled about it.
I was in a gruntled mood and gusted with the idea of going on a treasure hunt with such a cuth person.