guadalupe fur seal

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Noun1.guadalupe fur seal - a fur seal of the Pacific coast of California and southwardguadalupe fur seal - a fur seal of the Pacific coast of California and southward
fur seal - eared seal of the southern hemisphere; the thick soft underfur is the source of sealskin; "the male fur seal is much larger than the female"
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The peninsula is rich with stories of animals brought back from the brink of extinction, including the rare Guadalupe fur seal. In 1954, only 14 individuals remained on Guadalupe island, but now a second colony is thriving on San Benito island, where we embark on a morning hike.
From a plateau, we look down at a haul of honking elephant seals and spy Guadalupe fur seals frolicking in the clear bottle-green water.
Guadalupe fur seal pups left starving and alone when their mothers go in search of food made scarce by abnormally warm ocean temperatures.
In addition, wildlife rescue crews have been trying to rehabilitate a record number of the rarely seen and endangered Guadalupe fur seal pups, also showing up stranded.
Pointing to successes in increasing the populations of the long critically endangered Iberian Lynx and Guadalupe Fur Seal, she insisted "effective conservation can yield outstanding results."
The Guadalupe Fur Seal, which was twice thought to be extinct due to overhunting in the late 1800s and early 1900s has also seen its numbers increase, IUCN said.
Although it is comparable to that observed in one of its closest and more similar relatives, the Guadalupe fur seal (Arctocephalus townsendi), found in the Northern Hemisphere.
largha) Guadalupe fur seal 2 2 4 (Arctocephalus gazella) Bearded seal 4 4 0 (Erignathus barbatus) South American sea 0 1 1 lion (Otaria flavescens) Age group Pup, [less than 725 455 969 or equal to] 1 y of age Adult 55 189 229 Residential status ** Rescue/rehabilitation 661 626 1,071 Resident/other 119 17 127 No.
The Guadalupe fur seal is returning from near extinction -- only 14 remained in 1954.