guaiac wood

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Noun1.guaiac wood - heartwood of a palo santo; yields an aromatic oil used in perfumes
Bulnesia sarmienti, palo santo - South American tree of dry interior regions of Argentina and Paraguay having resinous heartwood used for incense
wood - the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees
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(Cue excited squealing.) The top notes feature ginger zest, clove buds and cardamom -- you can already smell the masala chai -- with a heart of violet, incense and mate, and a base of warm latte, guaiac wood and birch tree.
Featuring notes of cardamom and a Guaiac Wood base finish, this little sparkler promises to relieve anxiety just in time to celebrate the holidays.
It was blended with vanilla, amber, guaiac wood and labdanum for a warm, distinctly oriental, sensual scent.
Capturing a mystical aura, Figment for Man intoxicates with a base of labdanum, guaiac wood and earthy accord for woody and balsamic tones laced with notes of musk to complete the continuum of wonder.
Scents vary from White Lily (Madagascar vanilla and spicy pink pepper) to Oud (namesake oud blended with smoky guaiac wood and incense).