guard dog

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guard′ dog`

or guard′dog`,

a large aggressive dog trained to guard persons or property; watchdog.
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Noun1.guard dog - a dog trained to guard propertyguard dog - a dog trained to guard property  
working dog - any of several breeds of usually large powerful dogs bred to work as draft animals and guard and guide dogs
kuvasz - long-established Hungarian breed of tall light-footed but sturdy white dog; used also as a hunting dog
attack dog - a watchdog trained to attack on command
housedog - a dog trained to guard a house
schipperke - breed of small stocky black dogs originally used as watchdogs on boats in the Netherlands and Belgium
pinscher - any of three breeds of dogs whose ears and tail are usually cropped

guard dog

ncane m da guardia
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NEW YORK Companies like Guard Dog Security, TuffyPacks and Bullet Blocker are peddling bullet-resistant backpacks for children in time for the back-to-school shopping season.
SOCCER star Jamie Vardy has a new wag in his life - a designer guard dog to protect his family and home.
Tenders are invited for Security services guards, guard dog with guard dog handler, patrolling vehicle supervisors for 65 mw solar pv power project, neyveli, cuddalore district, tamilnadu
Wesley replaces Jack DeMao as the top executive for Electric Guard Dog LLC, the company said in a news release.
A PENSIONER living in a makeshift caravan inside a compound of metal shipping containers has denied his guard dog bit a man.
Part of the guard dog training involves a member of staff wearing heavy protective clothing to come forward waving a make-believe machete.
A working guard dog needs good nutrition in order to do his job well.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 7, 2016-Electric Guard Dog Acquires Electric Security Fencing Provider Perimeter Security Systems
To conclude the first test, I shot a Federal 165-grain Guard Dog round into the first wall.
EDyRNE (CyHAN)- A man who was caught on surveillance camera shooting to death a guard dog at a construction site in Turkey's western province of Edirne had been fined TL 1,002 by authorities.
Msida, Malta, February 18, 2015 --( Affiliate Cruise, the affiliate program for innovative new online and mobile casino operator Casino Cruise, has attained platinum certification by igaming community Affiliate Guard Dog.