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One side of the bridge does not have guard rails because they were knocked off in previous accidents.
A Surrey Fire and Rescue Service vehicle ploughed into pedestrian guard rails at aGuildfordcrossing after being involved in a collision another car.
Improvements were made on the Xiangshan trail in the summer, including additional guard rails, designed seating, kind reminders, drinking water fountains, and flower gardens.
The bridge will be strengthened with a concrete overlay and new guard rails and approach guard rails will be installed
Because of the high number of trucks entering Lebanon daily for trade, the section of the new law requiring guard rails was considered an obstacle, Daccache explained.
They may be specified with either standard guard rails or a lift-out version that allows easy removal of rail sections for convenient access to machinery or equipment for servicing, cleaning or repairing.
The HSE had seen that the company had added rope guard rails, but these had not been robust enough in order to prevent falls from the high staging, where the work was still being carried out.
Another hazard was the lack of guard rails in every opening.
Guard rails will be erected to protect Highfield Farm recreation ground in Quinton from vehicles driving on to the park.
Better road markings and new guard rails will also be installed.
In the haste to finish the bridge before the July 1 celebrations, nuts on guard rails were in place but not fastened on a roughly 15-metre section of the 36.
SPRINGFIELD - The Oregon Department of Transportation will temporarily close several Eugene-Springfield area freeway ramps today and Sunday to repair damaged guard rails.