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Noun1.Guard ship - a warship (at anchor or under way) required to maintain a higher degree of readiness than others in its squadronguard ship - a warship (at anchor or under way) required to maintain a higher degree of readiness than others in its squadron
combat ship, war vessel, warship - a government ship that is available for waging war
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Despite rough seas Coast Guard Ship Vijaya is continuing at sea to shepherd and render assistance to fishing boats in the area," the statement read.
According the Russian Defense Ministry, the Stary Oskol submarine, Admiral Grigorovich frigate, Pytlivy guard ship, Velikiy Ustyug and Uglich missile ships participated in the parade, along with protection and rescue ships, and patrol boats, in addition to Su-24, Su-34, Su-35 aircrafts, and several military helicopters.
'Yes, our Navy ship is no match for Chinese coast guard ship, but actually China's coast guard ship outsizes almost every Navy in the South-east Asian region.
Coast Guard ship to be given to Sri Lanka and, at 115m long, becomes the largest platform currently in the Sri Lanka Navy fleet.
"Indian Coast Guard Ship chased the boat and when apprehension became inevitable, its crew set the boat ablaze to destroy the evidence (sic)," the statement said.The coastguard managed to seize 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of heroin before the stricken boat which had 24,000 litres of fuel and gas cylinders aboard exploded and sank.
The Russian Black Sea Fleet's guard ship Pytlivy tracked the US vessel's movements at the time.
An Indian Coast Guard ship arrived in the country Friday to fulfill its mission to strengthen coordination with the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG).
Azerbaijan's Tufan type border guard ship S-206 has been set afloat in the Caspian Sea, Trend reports with reference to the State Border Service's statement.
Muscat: The Indian Coast Guard ship (ICGS) Vikram has arrived in Muscat on a three day-goodwill visit.
Indian Coast Guard ship (ICGS) Vikram will arrive in Muscat on a three-day goodwill visit on Wednesday.
Apart from the visit of Indian Coast Guard ship Samarth in November 2017, Indian Naval Ships Kolkata and Mumbai had visited Qatar this year in March and September respectively.
President Donald Migrants' ship docks ITALY has allowed all the migrants stuck on an Italian coast guard ship to disembark, 10 days after they were rescued in the Mediterranean Sea.