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also gar·dant  (gär′dnt)
adj. Heraldry
Positioned so that the head is turned toward the viewer. Used of an animal depicted so that its body is viewed from the side.

[Obsolete French, from Old French guardant, gardant, present participle of garder, to guard; see guard.]


(ˈɡɑːdənt) or


(Heraldry) (usually postpositive) heraldry (of a beast) shown full face
[C16: from French gardant guarding, from garder to guard]


(ˈgɑr dnt)

(of a heraldic animal) having the face toward the viewer and the body in side view.
[1565–75; < French gardant]
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Adj.1.guardant - looking forward
heraldry - the study and classification of armorial bearings and the tracing of genealogies
forward - at or near or directed toward the front; "the forward section of the aircraft"; "a forward plunge down the stairs"; "forward motion"
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Cancer care company Guardant Health reported on Monday that its Guardant360 assay will be used as the sole liquid biopsy in LC-SCRUM-Japan, a nationwide genomic screening network run by the National Cancer Center Hospital East (NCCE) Kashiwa, Japan, to help lung cancer patients obtain access to approved drugs.
The face displays the Royal Crown surmounted by a lion guardant.
99% of its holding in ARM, and investments in Guardant Health, Intelsat, NVIDIA, OneWeb and SoFi.
99 per cent of its holding in ARM, and investments in Guardant Health, Intelsat, NVIDIA, OneWeb and SoFi.
Her circulatory tumor DNA (ctDNA) was studied through Guardant 360 Lab, on 6/25/15, which showed positive NF-1, and APC, likely due to the exposure to anti-estrogen therapy.
Other noteworthy brands include Fluidigm, Veridex, Guardant Health, BioRad, Rain Dance Technologies and Illumina.
The first DNA blood test for cancer in the United States was commercialized in 2014 by Guardant Health, a venture-backed California company, and tests to spot cancer DNA in blood, urine, or spinal fluid are now in development by a growing number of companies but remain a risky bet for investors.
Guardant Health said it through the completion of its Series C financing, it has secured approximately USD50 million for its Guardant360 cancer blood test.
David Frum (The Right Man, 2003), a speechwriter in the first Bush administration, recounts his former boss as saying that the war on terror was designed "to bring new stability to the most vicious and violent guardant of the earth-and a new prosperity to us all, by securing the world's largest pool of oil.
Entre los calificados por la doctrina de femineidad o contraria agnacion, en los que las mujeres eran preferidas a los hombres, pueden citarse el instituido por Rafaela Mercader y Rocafull, esposa de Ramon de Boil, senor de Albatera, en febrero de 1604, en favor de su hija Laudomia, con la condicion de que si esta no tuviera hijas pasase a la siguiente, y asi sucesivamente: <<Lo dit vincle pase per totes les filles mies que ara tinch y nostre Senyor sera servit per temps donar-me, guardant sempre entre aquelles lo orde de la primogenitura>> (62); o el fundado en octubre de 1663 por Luisa de Castellvi y Ortiz, viuda de Lamberto Ortiz, regente del Consejo de Aragon, en segundas nupcias y de Pau Vergada en primeras, en cabeza de su nieta Angela Vergada y Corella.
Surely she wasn't going to suggest that the flag showing three lions passant and guardant represented cruelty to lions and that they should be removed.