guardian ad litem

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guardian ad li·tem

 (ăd lī′təm)
A person appointed by the court during litigation to protect the interests of a party who is incompetent.

[Latin ad lītem, for the lawsuit : ad, to, for + lītem, accusative of līs, lawsuit; see litigate.]
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Lila Hubert, Comment, In the Child's Best Interests: The Role of the Guardian ad Litem in Termination of Parental Rights Proceedings, 49 U.
Voices for Children is part of a unique collaboration with the 11th Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Program, serving as its fundraising arm, with the goal of ensuring that a Guardian Ad Litem represents every abused child in Miami-Dade County.
Katherine is a certified Guardian Ad Litem for children and for incapacitated adults.
The Guardian ad Litem Program of Hillsborough County will host a pro bono attorney training on Saturday, October 25, from 9 a.
As Hanzman soberly notes, there are attorneys who feel the woes of the system should be solved by the state, including the funding for such noteworthy programs as Guardian Ad Litem.
The Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program was recognized by the Minority Chamber of Commerce as the "2013 Public-Private Partnership Organization of the Year.
Mr Howard has been a Court appointed Guardian, Guardian ad Litem, and Discovery Master.
Statewide, the Guardian ad Litem Program depends on 8,624 certified volunteers and an additional 962 non-certified volunteers who do not carry cases to help fulfill its mission to represent the best interests of children in the dependency court system.
A former police officer and detective for the Town of Davie, Florida and Cooper City, Florida, Griggs--while majoring in psychology at NSU--is now the director of recruiting and training for the 17th Judicial Circuit Guardian Ad Litem program, which advocates for abused and neglected children.
He credits his staff, Family Support Services, the Guardian ad Litem Office and volunteers, the DCF, and the attorneys who work daily in his court.
This ranges from advising a board of a soup kitchen, to acting as a guardian ad litem in a neglect case, to working to get innocent men out of jail.
Caption: WHEN HE WENT TO THE PITCHER'S MOUND at Tropicana Field to throw the first pitch at the Tampa Rays game, Statewide Guardian ad Litem Director Alan Abramowitz, wearing a shirt that said GAL Program #1, faked a shoulder injury, so he could give the ball to Justin Meade, a youth in foster care.