guardian ad litem

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guardian ad li·tem

 (ăd lī′təm)
A person appointed by the court during litigation to protect the interests of a party who is incompetent.

[Latin ad lītem, for the lawsuit : ad, to, for + lītem, accusative of līs, lawsuit; see litigate.]
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10:00 am -12:30 pm: Representatives from Guardian ad Litem collect the gifts for distribution.
This year's scholarship awardee, 23 year-old Taylor Greenberg, shared her experiences serving as a Guardian ad Litem for Leon, Seminole, and Pinellas counties in Florida.
Maki by failing to respond to discovery requests, interview potential witnesses, adequately prepare his client to testify, subpoena the guardian ad litem, and file his witness lists within the time period set by the court.
The award states that the Guardian ad Litem Office is recognized for their outstanding leadership, compassion and commitment to the families in the state of Florida.
Reports available are too numerous to list for this brief response, but the Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program can provide them by request or by visitng www.
The guardian ad litem is notified upon appointment by the probate judge handling the estate.
In October 2006, the judge heard an application made on behalf of the guardian ad litem and the Trust to the effect that X had indicated that she was unable to file her report until after the November hearing and it was requested that the case be adjourned.
Terri once had a guardian ad litem, attorney Richard L.
Judge Marc Gold had appointed a guardian ad litem for the girl - a neutral volunteer to protect her interests in court.
He was a Guardian ad Litem with the Los Angeles County court system from 1986 to 1991.
For the past 30 years, children's advocates have debated whether the proper role of attorneys is to represent the child's expressed wishes or to act as a traditional guardian ad litem.
Today, according to her lawyer and guardian ad litem thomas Holum, she needs to be fed through a tube, but other than that, she's as active as any girl her age.