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Noun1.Guardian spirit - an angel believed to have special affection for a particular individualguardian spirit - an angel believed to have special affection for a particular individual
angel - spiritual being attendant upon God
genius loci - the guardian spirit of a place
eudaemon, eudemon, good spirit - a benevolent spirit
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Meanwhile the brothers have met a Guardian Spirit, also disguised as a shepherd, and he warns them of their sister's danger.
"What, have ye let the false enchanter scape?" the Guardian Spirit cries.
The Lady is free and, greatly rejoicing, the Guardian Spirit leads her, with her brothers, safe to their father's home.
It may be that it was the talisman of a stern and severe, but yet a guardian spirit, who now forsook her; as recognising that, in spite of his strict watch over her heart, some new evil had crept into it, or some old one had never been expelled.
It was a little dialogue between asters and sweet-peas, wild canaries in the lilac bush, and the guardian spirit of the garden.
Susan herself hovered in the background, like a rather grim but beneficent guardian spirit, and found as much pleasure in watching Gilbert eat pie as he did in eating it.
In her estimation her husband's memory was a sacred memory; his spirit was a guardian spirit, watching over her, waking or sleeping, morning or night.
He had been brought up to believe that every rock and boulder had its owner (its inua), who was generally a one-eyed kind of a Woman-Thing called a tornaq, and that when a tornaq meant to help a man she rolled after him inside her stone house, and asked him whether he would take her for a guardian spirit. (In summer thaws the ice-propped rocks and boulders roll and slip all over the face of the land, so you can easily see how the idea of live stones arose.) Kotuko heard the blood beating in his ears as he had heard it all day, and he thought that was the tornaq of the stone speaking to him.
To tell the truth, Kotuko was very nearly crazy for the time being; but the girl was sure that he was being guided by his guardian spirit, and that everything would come right.
So day after day they followed her, and like a band of guardian spirits they flew far and wide, carrying with them joy and peace.
And thinkest thou not that such impulses are deserving of attention, as being the hints of our guardian spirits, that danger is impending?''
As noted above, were it not for the timing of this contest over community and space, the History Collection Committee's attempts to install the Tran lineage's ancestor as the guardian spirit of the village might be considered an example of the enduring traditions, and intra-village rivalry, of the Red River Delta.