guelder rose

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guel·der rose

A Eurasian shrub (Viburnum opulus var. opulus) having clusters of white flowers and small red fruit.

[After Guelderland , (Gelderland), The Netherlands.]
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guelder rose

(Plants) a Eurasian caprifoliaceous shrub, Viburnum opulus, with clusters of white flowers and small red fruits
[C16: from Dutch geldersche roos, from Gelderland or Gelders, province of Holland]
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guel′der rose`

or guel′der•rose`

(ˈgɛl dər)
a European shrub, Viburnum opulus, of the honeysuckle family, with large clusters of white flowers. Also called snowball.
[1590–1600; after Guelders]
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Noun1.guelder rose - deciduous thicket-forming Old World shrub with clusters of white flowers and small bright red berriesguelder rose - deciduous thicket-forming Old World shrub with clusters of white flowers and small bright red berries
genus Viburnum, Viburnum - deciduous or evergreen shrubs or small trees: arrow-wood; wayfaring tree
bush, shrub - a low woody perennial plant usually having several major stems
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The trees, with their different kinds of foliage, rise up straight and tall, fantastically colored by patches of lichen, forming magnificent colonnades, with a line of straggling hedgerow of guelder rose, briar rose, box and arbutus above and below the roadway at their feet.
The--er--Aster, and the Crocus, and the--er--Ladies' Smock in her season, the Chrysanthemum after her kind, and the Guelder Rose bringing forth abundantly withal."
And the light music of the dropping whey is in my ears, mingling with the twittering of a bird outside the wire network window--the window overlooking the garden, and shaded by tall Guelder roses.
In that leafy, flowery, bushy time, to look for any one in this garden was like playing at "hide-and-seek." There were the tall hollyhocks beginning to flower and dazzle the eye with their pink, white, and yellow; there were the syringas and Guelder roses, all large and disorderly for want of trimming; there were leafy walls of scarlet beans and late peas; there was a row of bushy filberts in one direction, and in another a huge apple-tree making a barren circle under its low-spreading boughs.
"There are pictures of birds such as a jay with guelder rose berries, flowers, pictures of boats and the sea, a landscape of the view from Hawkstone Follies and a watercolour of the Dorothy Clive Garden.
The trees include dogwood, guelder rose, downy birch, alder, and willow which will be planted along with hedgerows of hawthorn, blackthorn and hazel.
The Guelder Rose, on Marine Drive, boasts more than 200 seats overlooking the sea and will be offering food and drink while hosting a selection of market stalls and a DJ to provide entertainment for those who didn't bag a show ticket.
They then planted hedging including hawthorn, holly, rowan, guelder rose, field maple and blackthorn.
Other wild produce includes guelder rose berries, nettles, hazelnuts, rose hips, rowan fruits, seaweeds, wood sorrel and pine needles.
OPUS A Musical composition B Wealthy C The guelder rose who am I?
Also known as the Guelder Rose, it is able to be grown here between 500 and 1,200m, and although classed as exotic in Cyprus, it is native to southern Europe.