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Two Negro men entered, each carrying a trunk, and proceeded upstairs toward the guest room.
Interel, a global provider of integrated guest room control and energy management systems for the hospitality industry, has received approved manufacturer status for its GRMS/EMS system in all Marriott International brands globally.
iBAHNEoACAOs second annual iTRAVELLER study shows that EoACA[pounds sterling]the device formerly known as the TVEoACA[yen] offers hotels a wealth of revenue and guest service opportunities for hoteliers by delivering more through the guest room screen.
Characteristic of the Four Seasons hotels, this inn boasts a long roster of amenities, among them tfigh speed Internet connections, in room fax machines and voicemail, dual phone lines in every guest room and 24-hour-a-day business support services.
If the hotel is totally occupied by guests who have arrived by automobile, then the peak parking demand would be one parking space per guest room.
Guest room details at The Mansfield will include ebony-stained wood floors, wood blinds, polished black granite bathrooms, some fireplaces and ornate woodwork.
Recent projects include construction of new Club InterContinental floors and lounge, and guest room renovations.
The only solid and sizeable intruder into this space is a second floor guest room, reached by spiral staircase.
From this guest room in the east wing is a lovely rendering of Half Dome and its striking contours.
We're about reconnecting,'' said general manager Paul O'Dowd as he stood on a guest room pathway in the gathering twilight.