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Two Negro men entered, each carrying a trunk, and proceeded upstairs toward the guest room. Then entered the twins--the handsomest, the best dressed, the most distinguished-looking pair of young fellows the West had ever seen.
Together, Schneider Electric and Volara will provide intuitive voice activated guest room control that enhances the guest experience and provides enriched analytic capabilities that can improve operational efficiency for the hotel.
Berger continued: "By integrating the Volara-powered voice assistant with Schneider Electric guest room controls, hotels will be delivering contextually relevant, totally awesome, conversational experiences at scale."
Faisalabad -- A young man has been killed in guest room of home in Faisalabad.
The renovation includes a complete revamp of guest rooms and suites, refreshed meeting spaces and updated common areas including the lobby, guest room hallways and Jaxx Bistro and Jaxx Lounge, the hotel's signature restaurant and bar.
Harrah's Resort Atlantic City announced plans for a $56 million guest room and suite renovation in its Coastal Tower, which it said it expects to be completed by next summer.Harrah's Resort Atlantic City announced plans for a$56 millionguest room and suite renovation in its Coastal Tower, which it said it expects to be completed by next summer.
Interel, the award-winning provider of hospitality guest room management solutions, and Angie Hospitality, creator of award-winning Angie, the world's first cloud-powered, interactive guest room assistant created just for hotels, have partnered up.
The hotel has outfitted every guest room with a 32-oz.
The hotel test data showed that some hotel hot-water uses, such as bathing and guest room towel and sheet washing, are proportional to the number of guests on any given day.
Leviton said it has announced the availability of the Omnistat 3 Hospitality Thermostat, a retrofit solution developed specifically for guest room energy management.
Guest room amenities include free high-speed Internet, newspapers, in-room coffee makers, and in-room fridges and microwaves.