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vb (intr)
to drink making a gurgling soundto make a sound like that made when liquid is poured from a bottle
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(ˈgɜr gəl)

v. -gled, -gling,
n. v.i.
1. to flow in a broken, irregular, noisy current: water gurgling from a bottle.
2. to make a sound as of water doing this; babble.
3. to utter or express with a gurgling sound.
4. the act or noise of gurgling.
[1555–65; compare Dutch, Middle Low German gorgelen, German gurgeln to gargle; akin to Latin gurguliō throat]
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Verb1.guggle - flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noiseguggle - flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise; "babbling brooks"
sound, go - make a certain noise or sound; "She went `Mmmmm'"; "The gun went `bang'"
gurgle - make sounds similar to gurgling water; "The baby gurgled with satisfaction when the mother tickled it"
2.guggle - make a sound like a liquid that is being poured from a bottle
sound, go - make a certain noise or sound; "She went `Mmmmm'"; "The gun went `bang'"
3.guggle - drink from a flask with a gurgling sound
drink, imbibe - take in liquids; "The patient must drink several liters each day"; "The children like to drink soda"
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And now it became a gurgling sound: "Guggle! Guggle!"
And, before losing consciousness entirely, I seemed to hear, between two guggles:
Squish, squash, bubble; squash, squish, guggle; and your feet as though you had been wading through slaughter to a throne.