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I went on tull a guid place an' dropped anchor, an' ut would all a-been well but for thot domned eediot mate.
"'I dudna see no lighter,' says I, and wuth thot I steps on hus fut guid an' hard.
The idle- ness of a passenger, my isolation amongst all these men with whom I had no point of contact, the oily and lan- guid sea, the uniform somberness of the coast, seemed to keep me away from the truth of things, within the toil of a mournful and senseless delusion.
"We felt that this photo pretty much sums up Guid Nychburris as a day.
It's guid that Oswald can preside On art and beauty.
The Guid Sisters also offered the chance to work with Serge Denoncourt, one of Canada's leading directors, and join a cast of 15 Scottish actresses including Kathryn Howden, Jo Cameron Brown, Maureen Carr, Lisa Gardner and Anne Louise Ross.
As they say where I come from: "An' a Guid New Year to ane an' a'!!" Irene Hall, Christian Science Committee on Publication for Merseyside
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The guiz starts at 6pm and it's pounds 2 per team with pounds 1 going to the RNLI; the other guid goes to the prize fund.
Pauline, 56, will be appearing next month with Friday Night Project host Alan Carr in Edinburgh smash The Guid Sisters.
"It's guid 'cause it's like ballet in the sky," commented Mr Irvine.