guided missile frigate

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Noun1.guided missile frigate - a frigate that carries guided missilesguided missile frigate - a frigate that carries guided missiles
frigate - a United States warship larger than a destroyer and smaller than a cruiser
fleet - a group of warships organized as a tactical unit
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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- India test-launched a BrahMos supersonic cruise missile from the Russian-built guided missile frigate Tarkash off the coast of Goa on Wednesday, a defense ministry source said.
Alexander Pama said the annual drill, which will be held aboard the Royal Australian Navy's guided missile frigate HMAS Sydney, will focus on countering terrorism, human trafficking and the illegal drug trade, as well as disaster response.
A Philippines military official said the Chinese warship is a guided missile frigate that has been monitored in the past as "constantly moving around" the Philippine-claimed Mischief and Subi Reefs, which Manila says China has put under its control.
The ships coming to Muscat include aircraft carrier INS Viraat, stealth frigate INS Talwar and indigenously built guided missile frigate INS Ganga.
A Korean naval official said that the two-day drill will mobilize some 10 surface warships and submarines, including Australia's guided missile frigate Ballarat, and South Korea's destroyers Aegis and Sejong, in addition to anti-submarine planes and helicopters.
His appointments afloat included tenures on Indian Naval Ships Taragiri, Atul, Rajput, Ranvijay and Command of Ships Vibhuti and Kuthar, Commissioning Executive Officer of Guided Missile Destroyer Delhi and Commissioning Commanding Officer of Guided Missile Frigate Beas.
After a mine crippled the guided missile frigate USS Samuel B.
The Royal Australian Navy provided the guided missile frigate HMAS Darwin as flagship for the regatta.
'Building on our successes with systems already in use by Norway and Australia, Lockheed Martin will deliver, with this latest variant, a major improvement to the guided missile frigate anti-air warfare capability and continue more than two decades of support to the operational needs of the Turkish Navy.'
In a statement, the navy said: "At the present time it is not considered possible to accept the guided missile frigate USS Ford on a business visit."
In addition to Nassau's crew, Sailors from the amphibious transport dock ship USS Nashville (LPD 13), the guided missile frigate USS John L.
navy guided missile frigate, the Vandergrift, returned to its home port in Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture on Thursday morning after taking part in U.S.-led military operations in Afghanistan, U.S.

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