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1. A post with a sign giving directions for travelers, usually placed at a crossroad.
2. Something that serves as a guide or an example; a guideline.


1. a sign on a post by a road indicating directions
2. a principle or guideline



1. a post bearing a sign for the guidance of travelers, as at the intersection of two roads.
2. anything serving as a guide; guideline.
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Noun1.guidepost - a rule or principle that provides guidance to appropriate behaviorguidepost - a rule or principle that provides guidance to appropriate behavior
rule, regulation - a principle or condition that customarily governs behavior; "it was his rule to take a walk before breakfast"; "short haircuts were the regulation"
2.guidepost - a post bearing a sign that gives directions or shows the wayguidepost - a post bearing a sign that gives directions or shows the way
sign - a public display of a message; "he posted signs in all the shop windows"
fingerboard, fingerpost - a guidepost resembling a hand with a pointing index finger


[ˈgaɪdpəʊst] Nposte m indicador
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Up to PS150,000 THIS family house is situated on Front Street in Guidepost.
8 February 2017 - US-based compliance, investigations, risk management and physical security consulting specialist Guidepost Solutions LLC has acquired an equity stake in US-based cyber security firm Revolutionary Security LLC, the company said.
SEATON Hirst B's second 3-0 win in as many weeks, this time against Guidepost, put them one point clear of Choppington A in the snooker section of the Ashington Veterans League.
ISID), recently announced Guidepost Cell (TM), a unique indoor location detection infrastructure that supplies highly precise positional data to smartphones and other mobile devices to determine a user's location inside buildings, underground malls and other interior areas using low-power 802.
The money from the UPS Foundation will enable Guidepost Trust's befriending and mentoring service to continue its work for a fourth year.
This leads to a related guidepost encouraging employee participation in the health plan selection process.
Features include a streamlined guided ejection system, and a multi-purpose guidepost that retains and guides the ejection system and provides support without the need for additional pillars.
As we designed the site, we decided that each Guidepost (subject area) would have four main sections--Field Notes, Wisconsin Trail Mix, Finding Your Way, and Roadside Attractions.
It has also prompted a search for policy rules--ways of setting or adjusting the instruments of policy, usually keyed to an intermediate guidepost such as a measure of the money stock--that require little judgment by policymakers.
Located in Guidepost, a suburb just to the west of Ashington village, the business is situated within a busy shopping parade which lies at the junction of the A1068 and the A196, so is highly accessible.

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