guilt by association

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Noun1.guilt by association - the attribution of guilt (without proof) to individuals because the people they associate with are guilty
guilt, guiltiness - the state of having committed an offense
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Even so, Heintz isn't eager to take credit for everything that RBF's money helps fund: "The article includes indirect attacks on us and our grantees through guilt by association with several degrees of separation," he writes, in reference to pro-BDS organizations that have received a total of $880,000 from the Fund, much of it awarded for "general support.
Mike Sivier, a former editor of the Brecon and Radnor Express who is standing for Powys County Council in a ward near Llandrindod Wells, said he was a victim of guilt by association.
Shep Gordon uses his self-dubbed Guilt By Association strategy with true mastery throughout the book.
Surely, we don't want to create a climate of guilt by association.
The story concerns the idea of guilt by association, a teenager innocently roped into driving his pals to a pizza parlour, where they "sort out" a local mouth, the guilty accessory and a law blamed for "lazy policing.
The families of the executed have allegedly been sent to prison camps under the rogue country's guilt by association laws.
And as under North Korea's principle of guilt by association, the families of the executed appeared to have been sent to prison camps.
Damac could not immediately be reached for comment, but have previously noted it as a case of guilt by association.
Guilt by association ending up killing confidence in cantaloupe from the actual Rocky Ford region, and sales tanked.
The repression of American political dissent in the 1950s derived much of its force from the concept of guilt by association.
She has now turned her experience of the criminal world to writing her debut novel, Guilt By Association, a thriller introducing deputy district attorney Rachel Knight, based in the Special Trials Unit in Los Angeles.
Yeah," Paul answered, "but I'm also concerned about guilt by association and blanket guilt; guilt by a group.