guilt trip

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guilt trip

n. Informal
A usually prolonged feeling of guilt or culpability.
lay a guilt trip on
To make or try to make (someone) feel guilty.

guilt′ trip`

Informal. a feeling of guilt or responsibility, esp. one not justified by reality.


v.t. -tripped, -trip•ping.
Informal. to attempt to instill a guilt trip in; play upon the guilt feelings of.
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Noun1.guilt trip - remorse caused by feeling responsible for some offense
compunction, remorse, self-reproach - a feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed)
survivor guilt - a deep feeling of guilt often experienced by those who have survived some catastrophe that took the lives of many others; derives in part from a feeling that they did not do enough to save the others who perished and in part from feelings of being unworthy relative to those who died; "survivor guilt was first noted in those who survived the Holocaust"
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He also starred on PUP's music videos - Guilt Trip and Sleep in the heat.
Four middle-aged mostly middleclass pals go hiking in northern Sweden - a guilt trip to honour a recently deceased friend.
It's basically every movie she made in the '60s/'70s/'80s/'90s; there's no Meet the Fockers or Guilt Trip.
Charity ActionAid UK should be helping there and not be trying to guilt trip us over here.
I'm hoping that these publications signal a new spirit of refusing the guilt trip and refusing the notion that sacrificing women's health and autonomy is good for children or for our society--or for our ethics.
I am not a well man and my money is very limited, yet I am constantly being bombarded and taken on a guilt trip by these people, all of whom will be on not insignificant wages.
Jack added: "I might accidentally sound like I'm trying to fulfil some childhood guilt trip my father gave me, but it's not so much about work as a constant need to create something.
Have a Nice Guilt Trip is the unabridged audiobook rendition of the mother-daughter dual memoir by Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella, touching upon suburban life, family-fostered guilt, puppies, dating, (the listener is left to judge whether the puppies or the dates are easier to train) and much more.
com)-- Most of us like to travel, but nobody likes being taken on a guilt trip.
Eventually, both peoples fought back, the main difference was that by the mid-20th century to the white middle class with a post-colonial guilt trip, Mandela and the ANC were cool, because they were black anti colonialists.
SATURDAY THE GUILT TRIP SKY MOVIES PREMIERE 8PM A cleaning fluid entrepreneur is about to set off on a trip across America when he is emotionally blackmailed into taking his mum along.
Guilt Trip Cert 12 BARBRA Streisand and Seth Rogen embark on a comical road trip.