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 (gwē′rō, gwîr′ō)
n. pl. gui·ros
A Latin American percussion instrument made of a hollow gourd with a grooved or serrated surface, played by scraping with a stick or rod.

[American Spanish güiro, from Taíno.]
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n, pl -ros
(Instruments) a Latin American percussion instrument made from a hollow gourd that produces a rasping sound when rubbed
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(ˈgwɪər oʊ, ˈgɪər oʊ)

n., pl. -ros.
a South American musical instrument consisting of a hollow gourd with a serrated surface that is scraped with a stick.
[1895–1900; < American Spanish]
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has entered into an agreement to sell all the issued and outstanding shares that it holds in the share capital of its subsidiaries in Burkina Faso, Komet Ressources Afrique SA and Guiro Exploration SARL, to Qatar-based CINI Solutions, the company said.
Dreams of lying in their beds on solid ground, the dry raspy sound of guiro insects serenading them.
The French show H2ommes -- Official Facebook Page Performed by only two actors using very simple objects, a bottle of syrup becomes a talking-drum and a tin can a guiro to put some music and sound on; the intergenerational show could dazzle children and parents.
It includes musicians playing Puerto Ricos national instrument, a 10-stringed guitar called "el cuatro," as well as other instruments including tamburins, guiro and maracas.
Hannah scored the opera for 25 players, the most that can fit into the Paronian's orchestra pit, including an outsized percussion section with everything from cabasa, castanets, claves and cowbell to guiro and three Armenian drums, which represent the king's madness.
Percussionist Colleen Bernstein, the youngest in the ensemble at 22, played instruments as diverse as a frog-shaped guiro, which makes a ratchet sound, to steel square tubing and a threaded metal rod from Lowe's.
The victim, Lyka Guiro, and her cousin, Rosemarie Clune, 27, were asking Noel Estantino, their neighbor, to stop throwing bottles when he pulled out a rifle and opened fire on them, said Supt.
In the back, the horns served as pharynx to the Latin monster, and in the front the string section danced hot-blooded salsa on the shifting dance floor of the bass and percussion, rhythm lines laid down in fluent guiro, claves, and timbales.
[Note: Originally published in Claridad newspaper between October-December 2004 as "Elogio de la bomba de Nueva York." This English version was translated from the Spanish by Juan Cartagena and published in Guiro y Maraca magazine (2005).]
Siera Maestra use the classic son format of tres (a small, high-pitched guitar), guitar, trumpet, percussion (including bongos, claves, guiro), bass and vocals.