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Noun1.guitar pick - a plectrum used to pluck a guitarguitar pick - a plectrum used to pluck a guitar  
plectron, plectrum, pick - a small thin device (of metal or plastic or ivory) used to pluck a stringed instrument
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SIR Paul McCartney heads to the long and winding railroad track for a new guitar pick.
Dwyer battled a few sound issues with his mic, but there was no spoiling the night as he - guitar pick in mouth and kicking away the odd balloon - caned the set with the energy of a US aircraft-carrier.
A few errors occurred during the gig, such as member Daniel Holdsworth dropping his guitar pick and missing a note on the glockenspiel, but it certainly did not take anything away from the show.
The Filipino band gave the American singer and songwriter their new debut album, ' 'LIMASAWA STREET.' In exchange, Mayer gave them his guitar pick.
father wore Jimmy Page's guitar pick around his neck for 10 years,
"The best gift I've ever received is a metal guitar pick that I got from a fan in London.
( Dawn's Metal Designs on Etsy will create a Personalized Guitar Pick for just $20.00.
The gift set comes complete with a Genuine Case Collectable medallion, certification of authenticity card and a Zac Brown Band guitar pick.
Each spread is followed by a page where Toshi's collected treasures are laid out, with the opposing page displaying a corresponding match for each piece (e.g., a guitar for the guitar pick).
Noticing its resemblance to a guitar pick, Facebook readers pondered the pendant's true origins.
The first 1,000 fans who splash out on the item get a signed KK Downing card and guitar pick.
I handed her the guitar pick I used and she squealed, prompting my first internal reminder to not lose my composure.