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 (go͞o′lər, gyo͞o′-)
Of, relating to, or located on the throat.

[Latin gula, throat + -ar.]
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(ˈɡuːlə; ˈɡjuː-)
(Anatomy) anatomy of, relating to, or situated in the throat or oesophagus
[C19: from Latin gula throat]
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The hoofs of his horse often threatened the heads of the running men, but they scampered with sin- gular fortune.
ACTION CALL: Jonathan Ewen; RELIEF: Romanian-born Daniela Lazin was allowed to stay in Washington along with her husband and two children after a five-year battle; TERRIFIED OF DEPORTATION: Gular Akdogan; inset, with children Aysen, Alican and Umut
The position of the cephalic gland openings, presence and shape of the gular bridge and the number and position of abdominal spiracles, are presented as new morphologic diagnostic characteristics that support the argument used by Todd for the segregation of the subfamilies.
The mesoptychial scales at the edge of the gular fold are abruptly enlarged, the postantebrachial scales are small (though not granular), and the circumorbital scales extend anteriorly to near the middle of the third supraocular scales.
The delegation of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, consisting of AGF Secretary General Nurlana Mammadzadeh, Azerbaijan's trampoline team coach Vladimir Shulikin, gymnast Ruslan Agamirov, AGF Disciplinary Commission head Elshad Narimanov, the judge Kamil Guliyev, as well as the volunteer Gular Buludkhanli handed over the flag of the European Championship to UEG President Farid Gayibov.
Numerous authors28-29 have reported greater an- gular soft tissue changes in bi-maxillary protrusion treatment.
His first victim became a member of parliament, Gular Ahmedova, who was arrested as the main person involved in the first
We recorded relative size of mesoptychial scales along the edge of the posterior gular fold and relative size of postantebrachial scales on the posterior surfaces of forearms in each voucher of A.
The anterior and posterior surfaces of the thighs are uniformly dark brown, the gular skin of males is yellow and the iris is pale bronze.
Interestingly, the scandal involving Gular Ahmedova and Elshan Abdullayev is taking place at precisely the wrong