gum boot

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Noun1.gum boot - a high boot made of rubbergum boot - a high boot made of rubber    
boot - footwear that covers the whole foot and lower leg
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Keep it versatile with simple all black leggings- socks-gum boots look or a more floral dress and colourful gum boot combo.
The lace-up gum boot is made from rubber with a warm cotton fleece lining and cost pounds 115.
45am Saturday, October 27 Gum Boot Dancers Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, 10.
She believes the show at Dance City, which also features Balkan Gypsy brass, South African gum boot dancing and a gospel-style choir, is "a perfect way to celebrate cultural diversity".
The show included entertainment from the Gum Boot Dancers, tabla players, mask making and face painting workshops for children.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Cat B Store Dust Mask, Gum Boot, Coir Brush,Hand Gloves,Wire Brush Etc
Tenders are invited for Enquiry For Supply Of Gum Boot And Cap Water Proof
Tenders are invited for Supply of Materials Malathion Dust, Phenyle , Bitex 1000 solution, Malaria Oil , Pikasi (With Handle , Coconut Broomsm, Hand Gloves, Gum Boot , Wheel Burrow, Metal Plate, for Health Section for the year 2017-18
The toddler had earlier made a style statement when she was spotted at an airport in animal print pants, cute pink shoes and gum boots.