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n. pl. gum·mas or gum·ma·ta (gŭm′ə-tə)
A small rubbery granuloma that has a necrotic center and is enclosed by an inflamed fibrous capsule. It is characteristic of an advanced stage of syphilis.

[New Latin, from Late Latin, gum; see gum1.]

gum′ma·tous adj.
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The tertiary stage is subdivided into three general categories: gummatous syphilis, followed by cardiovascular syphilis and finally neurosyphilis.
The cardinal manifestations of this late form of syphilis are cardiovascular, gummatous and neurosyphilis.
Edges are sloping for traumatic, punched for gummatous ulcers, undermined for tubercular ulcers, raised for basal cell carcinoma, everted for squamous cell carcinoma.