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adj. gum·mi·er, gum·mi·est
1. Consisting of or containing gum.
2. Covered or clogged with or as if with gum.
3. Having the texture or properties of gum; sticky and viscid.

gum′mi·ness n.
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Noun1.gumminess - the property of being cohesive and stickygumminess - the property of being cohesive and sticky
viscosity, viscousness - resistance of a liquid to shear forces (and hence to flow)
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صَمْغِيَّه، كَوْن الشيء دَبِقاً


(gam) noun
1. a sticky juice got from some trees and plants.
2. a glue. We can stick these pictures into the book with gum.
3. a type of sweet. a fruit gum.
4. chewing-gum. He chews gum when he is working.
verbpast tense, past participle gummed
to glue with gum. I'll gum this bit on to the other one.
ˈgummy adjective
ˈgumminess noun
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After forming each longissimus muscle sample to 1x1x1 mm, the hardness, elasticity, cohesiveness, gumminess, and chewiness were measured using a texture analyzer equipped with a cylindrical probe of 035 mm (TA-XT plus, Stable Micro Systems Co., Ltd., London, UK).
Add the beans to the pot and continue cooking until the noodles are tender, another 1 minute, then drain the noodles and beans in a colander and, while tossing the noodles, rinse them thoroughly with cold water (to prevent gumminess).
The height which food recovers during the time elapsed between the end of the first compression and start of second compression cycle; gumminess (N), the force needed to disintegrate a semisolid sample to a steady state of swallowing (hardness X cohesiveness); chewiness (N), resilience, and measure of elasticity have been also determined.
Cohesiveness, gumminess and chewiness were highest in baked treatments.
Hardness, gumminess and chewiness values were significantly higher for the second and third treatments compared to the control.
The texture was determined by the following parameters: hardness, gumminess, and chewiness.
Also, the hardness, gumminess, and chewiness of steamed bread increase gradually, whereas resilience, cohesiveness, and recovery decrease [7, 8].
The most commonly considered attributes of leavened baked products include hardness, springiness, adhesiveness, chewiness, gumminess, and cohesiveness [46, 54].
The parameters analyzed were: hardness, adhesiveness, elasticity, cohesiveness and gumminess. The samples were evaluated in triplicate, in the 'Dulce de leche' jar.