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The wood of a gum tree, especially of a sweet gum.
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the wood of a gum tree, esp. of a eucalyptus or of the sweet gum.
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Noun1.gumwood - wood or lumber from any of various gum trees especially the sweet gum
hazelwood, satin walnut, sweet gum, red gum - reddish-brown wood and lumber from heartwood of the sweet gum tree used to make furniture
gum tree, gum - any of various trees of the genera Eucalyptus or Liquidambar or Nyssa that are sources of gum
wood - the hard fibrous lignified substance under the bark of trees
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Large masses of Java teak and Yellow wood have also been found, besides immense trees of red and white cedar, and the blue gumwood of New Holland, in a perfectly sound condition.
Once I decided to give the treatment to a tiny little Winchester Model 58, a Depression-era single-shot with a gumwood stock and fixed open sights.
Saturday in the Gumwood Room at the Erb Memorial Union, 1222 E.
The 75,000-square-foot, two-story office building features an open staircase; a bright lobby; a two-story-tall water feature; elevator lobby, reception, and conference breakout areas clad in 500-year-old gumwood salvaged from the Tennessee River; as well as a 40-percent reduction in water use and energy use to be less than half that of a typical office.
Darrell McGarvey: Our floor coverings are a continuation of the carpet in the hallway, except the major portion is the original gumwood floors installed in 1931.
Down in the field the corn all bent over at once, going white green, and the leaves on the oaks and gumwood turned up flat and whiter, like a catfish's belly in color.
They are embossed on gumwood or a choice of cabinet wood, including oak, walnut and cherry.