gun case

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Noun1.gun case - a case for storing a gungun case - a case for storing a gun    
case - a portable container for carrying several objects; "the musicians left their instrument cases backstage"
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Stepan Arkadyevitch, going down, carefully took the canvas cover off his varnished gun case with his own hands, and opening it, began to get ready his expensive new-fashioned gun.
I'm new to the shooting sports, and I want to know If I should store my handgun in the soft gun case.
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Summary: New Delhi [India], July 24 (ANI): Pandemonium reined in Parliament on Monday when the opposition trooped into the Wells of both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha to protest against the Centre's recent actions with regard to the Bofors Gun Case, frequent incidents of mob lynching arising out of the ban on cow slaughter and the National Eligibility-cum-entrance Test (NEET).
The Comp-Tac Trojan Horse Long Gun Case is rated to carry up to 35 pounds.
Gun cartridges and a gun case were later found at Bennett's allot-ment but no gun has been found.
Thanks to a Los Angeles Police Department investigation into Brown's recent gun case, the singer isn't welcome in the country.
When the TSA officers spotted the loaded semi-automatic handgun in a gun case inside the roller bag, they contacted the Maryland Transportation Authority Police who responded to the checkpoint, confiscated the firearm and arrested the man on state weapons charges.
Attorney Frank Papagni said Tuesday in court that Lane County prosecutors have agreed that any sentence imposed in the state cases will run simultaneously with the sentence that Aiken hands down in the federal gun case.
Put the boxes inside a small lockable hard case inside the gun case.
One agent tells me each of the four locks on my gun case has to be locked every time.
Reininger just wanted to move on down the road, but officers thought something in the back scat looked like a gun case and considered that probable cause for a search.