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Noun1.Gun deck - formerly any deck other than the weather deck having cannons from end to endgun deck - formerly any deck other than the weather deck having cannons from end to end
deck - any of various platforms built into a vessel
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The crew ate on the cramped gun deck, sitting wherever they could find room.
Your dad will be in my prayers, along with those for my own father, whose World War II service ran from the gun deck of his ship in Pearl Harbor on December 7 when the bombs dropped, to steaming off Honshu on September 2, 1945, as the surrender was signed in Tokyo Harbor.
Theories abound, and the facts are a bit muddled, but the addition of a higher gun deck and more cannons was surely the major factor.
Viewers were led into this darkened space, handed a set of headphones, and seated on a gun deck facing two large white lenses (one convex, one concave), onto which a thirty-five-minute video was projected.
Among paintings, wooden and metal artefacts being offered by Cheshire antiques dealer Patrick Payne of Phoenix Fine Art is a section of flooring from the lower gun deck, still showing traces of the red paint, which Nelson ordered to be used to disguise blood, spilt during the battle.
I entered through a doorway cut into the Middle Gun Deck and instantly you feel in stride with history - the oily smell of timber garnished by that of rope, the low light of lanterns and sunlight through the gun ports.
HMS Mersey, a River Class Patrol Vessel, sailed down the Mersey into the city yesterday, along with, inset, left, Able Seaman Les Grundy, on the gun deck Pictures: ANDREW TEEBAY/ at281010amersey-2, above; and at281010amersey-9, inset, left
I made my way to the edge of the gun deck. My back was burning and hot!
With the 200-year anniversary of the War of 1812 looming, Rex Stewart of Southbridge is raising money to hand-carve an approximately 6-foot-long wooden replica of the ship's gun deck.
So hungry were the prisoners that many resorted to stealing bran from the hog troughs located on the gun deck. Water was rationed and of poor quality.
Padfield, a military historian and former naval officer, places the reader on the war ship's gun deck to relive naval campaigns of the Nelson era, when Britain gained supremacy over her rival, Napoleonic France, and then faced a new rival, the young United States.