gun smoke

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Noun1.gun smoke - smoke created by the firing of gunsgun smoke - smoke created by the firing of guns
fume, smoke - a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas
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Western novel fans will appreciate his particular style of gun smoke action and cliff hanger narrative storytelling style in "Kill The Tin Star" action.
Mr McAuley admitted the smell of gun smoke is something he "never forgot".
The 82-year-old star has played several roles in TV shows such as 'Dan August' and 'Gun Smoke' to name a few.
The steaks come in Gun Smoke, Wolf Gang and Wild Hunter each varying in level of spice, gun smoke being the hottest of the three.
George Washington's hair is a cloud of gun smoke, and, if you fold the bill a certain way, a mushroom cloud.
One guest said, "There was so much great expression with only a little action - you could smell the horses and gun smoke!" Another guest said, "This was so fun!
Among the El Chapo assets on Instagram and other platforms: portraits of the main characters made out of money, gun smoke and simulated blood spatter, and "Lucha de la droga" posters pitting warring villains against each other, Mexican wrestling-style.
You know the kind of thing: everyone pointing a gun at each other, someone pulls the trigger and, within seconds, there's a load of dead bodies on the floor in a cloud of gun smoke.
VISITORS to St Fagans National History Museum can experience the clash of swords, the shouts of men and the smell of gun smoke in a unique, large-scale living history event this Bank Holiday weekend.
With ammunition expensive and proper range space frequently at a premium, the Laser Ammo Judgmental Simulator is a great safe indoor alternative to live rounds and gun smoke. The system is fairly easy to use and it has basically no incremental cost after its initial purchase.